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Tarifa is a wonderful place with stunning views of Morocco, beautiful beaches, hiking, biking, yoga,  great places to eat and drink, lots of days of wind and a host of ideal places to stay, so come and enjoy it with us!

At wingfoilmoore-tarifa, we offer Wingfoil holidays to beginner wingfoilers and those already up and foiling, designed to remove the stress of travelling with your board, wings and foils. 

We will bring your chosen equipment to the best sailing spots and you can enjoy clinics from international riders to help you accelerate your progress. 

Our resident rider is River Moore: insta: river.moore_ 

​We want our wingfoilers to return, so we will be very flexible and do everything we can to provide the very best experience. We are developing relationships with the ideal holiday hotels, apartments and camping bungalows in the area right now so we can make your life even easier! If you want us to help you find the best deals, we will.

My name is Ivan Moore and I have lived in Tarifa, Spain for over 20 years working in education. My background in watersports extends from being a dinghy sailing instructor in the UK and Menorca, to being an avid windsurfer in the 1990's and early 2000's. Then spending many years kitesurfing, before taking up wingfoiling with my son several years ago. Wingfoiling has been a wonderful discovery with its exciting versatility and great appeal to all ages.

Giving Back
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Partners with Surco Shop Tarifa

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Other great activities

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Electric Bikes Tarifa - check out the website and their stunning tours

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